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Private rental?

Through an agent?

Tim Hyatt, president of ARLA.  ’Our research shows that around 10% of tenants are asking for references on a potential landlord.’

David Salusbury, chairman of the NLA, said a large number of  accidental landlords “do not even accept that they are landlords”, which can lead to problems with tenants, mortgage companies and insurance claims. “They don’t realise that letting out a property is strewn with pitfalls and they do need to get it right,” he said. “People need to look into the implications more carefully.”

Simon Gammon of Knight Frank Finance said most accidental landlords did not bother to tell their lender. “The reality is that people are struggling at the moment and that one phone call could cost them thousands of pounds”

Landlord working abroad? From the HMRC website “If you have rental property in the UK but your usual home is outside the UK, your tenants or the letting agents you use will need to operate the Non-resident Landlord (NRL) Scheme. They need to deduct basic rate tax from rental income before they pass it onto you.”

For most renters, even the most seasoned, the rental process is loaded in favour of the agents and landlords. They have access to large databases of information about actual rental achieved, which can be significantly different from the advertised price. How do you know if you’ve made a fair offer? Every agent will tell you the property you’re interested in is hot right now, but how do you know?

There’s a huge inconsistency between agencies and costs, with random extras thrown in for good measure. Charges to be registered with the deposit protection scheme. charges for pets, charges for more than one tenant – an endless list.

Moving on the the next property, who checks you out efficiently and who drags their heels with returning your deposit? Who’s fair with wear and tear and who want you to pay to upgrade their property?

How to you sort the angels from the cowboys and which agents deserve your business?


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